Welcome To ENDGAME

The server is a faction based, survival and pvp server. You will not find M4’s on every loot run. But you will find high tier weapons easier than official. Building supplies are boosted some, cars will need to be built same as official. You can earn discord currency through hunting and selling pelts, fishing, make your own cannabis farm and grow and sell to the blackmarket, sell items to tradepost or go bounty hunting, win community events and so on. There are many ways and playstyles possible, find your way.


• Chernarus (Xbox & PS) / Livonia (PS Only)

• 70 Slots / 52 Slots

• High pop / full servers

• Loot is slightly boosted (survival focus)

• KOS allowed everywhere except in 3 settlements and one tradepost safezone.

• ENDGAME wipe once every six months. 1st of january and 1st of july

• 30 minutes of night time

• Server has auto restart every 2 hours.

• 3 Safezone Settlements

• Main Tradepost at Altar Radio Station - Cherno

• Main Tradepost at Kopa Prison - Livonia

• Base damage turned off during week. Raiding only in weekends

• Underground stashes despawn imediately, do not dig down loot.

• Do different jobs, hunt, fish, Black-Market or start your own business to earn ingame currency.

• Factions can be created if there is a open faction slot. talk with admin or moderator in a ticket.

• Settlements can be created if there is a open slot. talk with admin or moderator in a ticket.